About ODCS Mums

The Old Dominion Chrysanthemum Society (ODCS) is the Northern Virginia Chapter of the National Chrysanthemum Society.  Its membership includes growers from Spotsylvania to Alexandria in Virginia with associate members in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Over the years, ODCS members have served the National Chrysanthemum Society in many ways. Currently, Galen Goss is the President and the Director of Management Services. Other members working for NCS include Jim Dunne as Advertising Manager of The Chrysanthemum Magazine and Camilla Ng as a Director on the Board.

ODCS was originally part of the Potomac Chrysanthemum Society of Maryland and had enough new members to obtain their own charter in 1965. The first meetings were held at the Broyhill Auditorium in Arlington.

Although chrysanthemum growing is the main focus of the monthly general meeting discussions, topics on many horticultural subjects ranging from plant diseases, recommendations for fertilization / fungicides / insect control, landscaping, lawn care, and cultivation of other flower groups are often covered for the general interest of the members. One of the general meetings includes a picnic, another features a teach-in seminar and the final meeting of the year is a brunch to elect officers for the upcoming year.

Each spring, new mum cuttings including old favorites and new introductions are ordered for the members as well as for the annual Spring Mum Plant Sale currently held in May at Green Spring Gardens in Annandale. Instructions are available to buyers who are not familiar with the timing and cultivation recommendations to obtain the most beautiful results.

The Annual Flower Show and Exhibition is the highlight of the year when growers from local chapters as well as other national chapters display hundreds of spectacular mum specimens for the enjoyment of show visitors. ODCS was privileged to co-host the 59th International Chrysanthemum Conference and Show in 2002, which had representation and exhibits from Japan, Canada and England as well as other U.S. national chapters. Over the years the ODCS annual shows have been held in Tysons Corner, Falls Church Community Center, National Wildlife Society at Tysons Corner and, most recently, at the Merrifield Gardens Fair Oaks location. ODCS members also travel to the sites of the National Annual Show and Convention throughout the country to exhibit and act as show judges.

ODCS is also active in local activities with recent donations of mum plants to the landscaping projects for the Dunn Loring Civic Association and for Stenwood and Thoreau Public schools. They also contribute plants to several youth organizations to encourage interest in growing flowers as part of their activities and education.

Mums growing guide: Mums Care_What To Do When_2020


ODCS welcomes new members and information can be obtained by contacting  Lisa Romano.


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