President- TBA
Vice President- Ed Mascali
Recording Secretary- Vacant
Corresponding Secretary- Normandie Atkins
Treasurer- Galen Goss

Standing Committee:

Hospitality- Vacant
Membership- Vacant
Newsletter Editor- Dorothy Pines
Potting Chairman- Normandie Atkins
Programs- Board as a whole
Public Relations/Publicity- Jim Dunne
Executive Board General Members- Rosemary Smith and Dick Waldschmidt

Activities Chairmen:

Annual Brunch- Carol Collins
Annual Picnic- Galen and Amy Goss
Membership Directory- Galen Goss
Plant Order- Normandie Atkins with Galen Goss and Dick Waldschmidt, and Rosemary Smith
Plant Sale- TBA
Potting- Normandie Atkins
Supply Order- Richard Waldschmidt
Website- Van Avondolio

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