Please download application and send it in with your payment by mail:
2016 ODCS annual dues

Annual dues:
Option A is for current (renewing) or new member.
Option B is for a person who is also a member of another affiliated Chrysanthemum society/chapter.
Option C is for a person who is Garden Club member with no affiliation to Chrysanthemum society.

  • A) Full ODCS Membership Individual:      $30.00
    (This includes required membership to National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS) and
    The Chrysanthemum Magazine)
  • B) Associate Membership in ODCS for members of other NCS chapters:     $10.00
    Please state your primary NCS chapter.
    If you are NOT a member of another chapter, you must be a full member in ODCS (option A).
  • C) Garden Club Membership Dues:     $35.00

    Please make your check payable to: ODCS for the type of membership circled above: $________

    Name: ______________________________________

    Address: ____________________________________
    City: __________________ State: ____ Zip: ________

    Phone: _____________________________________

    Email: _____________________________________

    Fax: _______________________________________

    Mail to:

    Todd Brethauer
    President, ODCS
    6827 Dean Drive
    McLean, VA 22101


    Bring the form and your check to ODCS to the January or February meeting.

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