Dear ODCS members,

The Year of the Rabbit began on January 22nd, 2023.  May we all have a happy and prosperous Rabbit Year.

We have several months before our plants arrive in May.  Traditionally, we offer ODCS members savings and convenience of buying supply.  Please see the Supply Order Form attached to this newsletter email.  Prices have gone up from last year in certain items.  It is no surprise though, as all consumer products and foods have increased in price. Please mail in your Supply Order to Alice Buch by February 18th, 2023.  Your Supply Order will be ready for your pickup on May 6th, along with your plants.  If you are a new member, please be sure to attend the Zoom meeting featuring the different fertilizers for chrysanthemums.  The Executive Board members of 2023 are Camilla Ng as President, Ed Mascali as Vice President, Galen Goss as Treasurer, Janice Chen as Correspondence Secretary.  The Executive Board is comprised of elected officers.  Jacquie Smith as Member-at-large. The Standing Committees are as follows: Farhad Nourbakhsh as Plant Order Chair, Lisa Romano as Membership Chair, Van Avondolio as Webmaster, Van Avondolio and Alice Buch for Supply Order, Janice Chen and Jonathan Gazarek for Public Relations and Publicity, Dorothy Pines as the Newsletter Editor.  Rosemary Smith is the Past President.  I am grateful to each of you for accepting the duties as officers of the Board and Committee Chairs, providing continuity and services to chapter members. 


Camilla Ng

By ODCS webmaster