Dear ODCS members,

At the September 10th Zoom Meeting, we screened the Pat Stockett Johnston’s short video on “September/October Tasks” and David Eigenbrode’s “Magic with Mums, Part 3” (on cutting and showing).  The link of the recorded session was emailed to all members on September 10th by Galen.The volume of the Eigenbrode video is extremely low, but all the pertinent information that Eigenbrode said was captured textually on the screen.  Following the videos, I reviewed the criteria of NCS Spray in a presentation.  Not all cultivars that may be grown as sprays would produce NCS quality sprays.  The Classification Handbook, a reference tool that is available on the NCS website, identifies cultivars that may be grown as NCS sprays. It is advisable to perform due diligence, to help in your future cultivar selection for sprays.

We have received notice from King’s Mums that the 2023 group order date will be earlier than in past years.  We will have the plant order forms to you in early November.  Stay tuned.

I hope many of you will enter your blooms for the 2022 Chrysanthemum Show.  We will have participants from the Garden Clubs for designs.  In addition, Ikebana International, Chapter 1 is participating with us with a special exhibit of different styles of ikebana arrangements, a first in the history of ODCS. 

Camilla Ng

By ODCS webmaster