Dear ODCS members,

On behalf of ODCS, I like to thank all the volunteers one more time for your generous gift of time and energy helping out with potting and public sales. In face of adversity, be it inclement weather or shipment delays, you stepped forth in number, rose to the occasion to do what was needed and succeeded with flying colors. It was wonderful to see the cooperation and camaraderie amongst the members. Thank you also to the Supply team, Dick and Gary, for filling our supply orders, and Tim for hosting potting at his backyard. Each of you make this village a thriving mum community. I especially want to acknowledge and thank Galen for pulling the lion’s share of the potting and public sales responsibilities. From handling the numerous correspondence and coordination with plants wholesalers, supply ordering and booking sales venues, to creating a method to the madness in printed order labels and cross check order tables, and reshipping plants to out-of-state members. All the behind-the-scenes details that Galen tended to, made the process on the days of potting and pick up ran like clockwork. And don’t we all rather sleep in on a cold rainy Saturday morning? Galen set up shop for the Ayr Hill Gardens Club Sales, on such a rainy day, 7 A.M., while others were still California dreaming. A week later, on a milder misty morning, Galen arrived at Green Spring Gardens at 7:30 to discover that our neatly assembled tables, tent and trays of plants that we have set up the day before, were disassembled and moved by the Green Spring Gardens staff! By the time I arrived at 8 A.M., Galen had all the tables and tent reassembled, single-handedly. Each time, in face of adversity, Galen dealt with what had to be done, never wasted a moment on negative word towards heaven or men. This is a person of true grit. I am very lucky to have Galen as a mentor, as ODCS (and NCS) is lucky to have Galen in leadership.

With plants and supplies orders fulfilled, it is now up to the grower to nurture and train the young plants according to their styles. Our next Zoom meeting will be June 12th, 2 P.M. “July and August Tasks” with Pat Stockett Johnston videos will be featured. Discussion on pinching will follow the short clips. Reminder that the recording of the April meeting is available till June 11th. The link to the recording is in the May newsletter. Looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.

Camilla Ng

By ODCS webmaster

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