Dear ODCS members,

On November 14th, we had a slide show of the photos of blooms grown by our members.  Ten members submitted with a total of 110 photos.  More than delights to the eyes is to recognize that the growing skills of our members continue to improve with great results. Ed Mascali provided valuable educational information on cultivars and on ways to transport blooms.

King’s Mums advised the NCS chapters that due to high demand, we should submit our orders prior to yearend.  With Christmas season coming up, we need to up the date of the mum orders.  We ask that our members send in their mum orders post marked by December 15th to Rosemary Smith.  The December meeting is moved to December 5th at 2:00 p.m. We will go over the 2022 season order form and cultivars selection.

The ODCS Board is still looking for new officers for 2022.  Please consider volunteering either as President or Co-President.  The viability of the club depends on members participation and volunteerism. Awards will be given out to members in recognition for their services. We need all members to attend this meeting. 

By ODCS webmaster