Dear ODCS members,

The informal show and educational day October 31stwas the culmination of the growing season of 2021.  It was a first in nearly two years since the pandemic that our members met in person.  We were blessed with a lovely Autumn Day with view of foliage colors from Shelter A in Burke Lake Park, Fairfax.  Board members Galen Goss, Rosemary Smith and her husband Bart, and Camilla Ng arrived early to setup tables and show supplies to set the stage.

Ed Mascali led the educational evaluation of the blooms and plants, pointed out how to best display the blooms and horticulture practices.  Ed also brought many potted plants for display, a trial run of bloom boards which we decorated at the end of the show and black backdrop for photography.  He also generously gave potted Pittsburg Purple, a purple Quill to members who were present. 

We had a strong participation with over 50 blooms and plants. We were inspired by our members’ blooms and plants and learned from their cultivation methods.  At the end of the Show, Janice Chen and Doris Shen helped with the cleanup and made the job light.  It is apparent that in-person social exchange fosters friendships and promote the common passion for chrysanthemum.  We hope that as the pandemic dwindles down next year, we will resume in-person meetings.

Rosemary Smith, and Camilla Ng,

By ODCS webmaster

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