Dear ODCS members,

At the September 11th ODCS Zoom Meeting, guest speaker Brian Kanotz gave us an insider perspective of King’s Mums.  Brian showed us the expansion and transformation of the King’s Mums nursery of last two years, from inground raised beds to container culture.  He talked about providing plants free of virus to maintain the high quality by having certain cultivars tested for virus.  There are virus and virion that affect chrysanthemums, and certain cultivars that are more susceptible to virus infection. Due to mailing issues, King’s Mums will not be mailing out catalogs in the future.  An online printable .pdf file of the catalog will be available. King’s Mums will continue to offer Heritage mums to the ODCS members and other NCS chapters only, but will not be offered to the public. With a surge in demand for mums in the last several years, Brian advised that we send in our plant order early. At the ODCS December meeting, we will discuss King’s Mums plants orders.

Rosemary Smith, and Camilla Ng,

By ODCS webmaster

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