JULY 2021

Dear ODCS members,

We were pleased to have Jeff MacDonald, President of the Bay Area Chrysanthemum Society, to give a presentation on “Bugs” at our June 13thZoom meeting.  It was very informative as he addressed both good bugs as well as the ones that are not so good for our mums.  He also addressed products to use to help protect our mums from the bad bugs.  Jeff also showed some beautiful pictures of Heritage mums that he is trying to preserve.

The Monthly Zoom Meeting on July 11th will feature guest speaker Irene Bernal,President of the Orange County Chrysanthemum Society.  The presentation will be “Show Rules and Standards”. Although the show is not till October, the methods we apply throughout the growing season in cultivating the chrysanthemums is based on knowledge on how to bring out their horticultural best. Please join us for this informative and educational presentation.  We look forward to seeing you on Zoom.

There will be no meeting in August.  We will be taking the month off, enjoy your times taking care of your mums.  If there are topics that you would like to see in future programs or newsletters, please let us know by emailing to

We wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th!

Rosemary Smith, Camilla Ng,

By ODCS webmaster

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