JUNE 2021

Dear ODCS members,

The shipping of King’s Mums directly to our homes was convenient during the continued pandemic. King’s did an excellent job in packing, shipping and ensuring the plants arrived safe and healthy to everyone.  Next year we will return to have all of orders delivered to one location, to save on the cost of shipping to individual members. By now, your King’s and garden mums should be happily growing in their first pots, ready or almost ready to be pot up to the 6-inch pots.

The weather was perfect for the Potting and Plants/Supplies pick-up.  All went smoothly because of the many helping hands.  A big hand goes to Van Avondolio, Farhad Nourbakhsh and  Shuntai Zhou, who helped with table and tent set up and returned to help with potting the next morning.  Thank you to Carol Goulding, Judy Goulden, Janice Chan, Mei Wuand Doris Shen for volunteering to pot also. We were able to finish the potting by noon since we did not have pot mums and King’s mums to pot.

Special thank you to Tim Moore for his hospitality in hosting the potting event, accommodating our need and sharing with us his garden of many delightful flora.

We thank Dick Waldschmidt, and Gary Holliday for getting our supplies orders filled.  The scheduled curbside pick-up of plants and supplies went very well.  We will do the same next year. The supplies service is one of the many benefits of the club, savings to members in buying in bulk. We thank Gary and Ed Mascali for helping with dismantling and stowing away the tables.  Tim’s backyard was returned to its charming natural state. 

Last but-not-least, a big thank you to Galen Goss for ordering the garden mums and supplies, coaching the potting event, printed plants and supplies order labels, and planned and executed a method to the madness.  Long after the volunteers have departed, Galen stayed to box up the plant shipments for out-of-town members and other chapters.  It is by Galen’s tireless coordination with other chapters and out-of-town members that we were able to order our plants in quantity as required by the wholesalers.  Galen is our man with many hats.

Without everyone’s volunteer efforts we could not have had such a success with potting and getting the supplies to our members! Thank you everyone, for making this year’s Potting and Supplies event fun and ran like a charm!

Camilla Ng and Rosemary Smith,

By ODCS webmaster

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