February 2021

Dear ODCS members,

We like to thank all our members for your patience and understanding with the many date changes for the plant order! With everyone’s assistance and attention given to the changes, we were able to place our order on January 13th. Just moments after placing our order, King’s Mums on-line order was shut down. That is just one of the benefits of being a ODCS member, we were able to have a filled date saved for us. Mums, the word has gotten out! The demand for exhibition mums has greatly increased as more people are gardening while staying at home.

We are still working on the Garden, Pot and Belgium Mums order.

The special speaker for our February 13th Zoom Meeting is Dan Schadler, the President of the National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS). Dan has been a member of NCS for 40 years, with much experience as a chrysanthemum grower. Dan will share with us his knowledge on the types of fertilizer and their applications. Please note that the Zoom Meeting date is on Saturday, FEBRUARY 13th, at 2 p.m., NOT on Sunday.
Invitation to the Zoom Meeting will be emailed to members on the morning of the 13th.

Rosemary Smith, and Camilla Ng, Co-Presidents

By ODCS webmaster

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